you don't win friends with salad
i don't even know my friend. i'm molly and i stopped caring about how good my blog was a long time ago. i'm very sad but hella rad
Neutral Milk Hotel  -  On Avery Island
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Neutral Milk Hotel - Naomi



do you ever just realize


i really fucking love the lord of the rings

Doctor x Rose - Stuck with you

He was about to go home, about to return to the place where he had had a family. It was in Godric’s Hollow that, but for Voldemort, he would have grown up and spent every school holiday. He could have invited friends to his house… He might even have had brothers and sisters… It would have been his mother who had made his seventeenth birthday cake. The life he had lost had hardly ever seemed so real to him as at this moment, when he knew he was about to see the place were it had been taken from him. 


if im at your house and you leave the room without telling me to come with i will literally stand there and not move or sit down or touch anything until you come back no matter how long you’re gone

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